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I have purchased X-Plane Global Download... installed and is running fine on my Desktop computer.

Tho.. I do have a laptop that I  carry when traveling. Can I use same KEY code to install a full version of X-Plane on this laptop, also? Both are Win10, of course processors/memory config/monitors and all are different.

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Yes you can use the same product key to install on multiple computers. You might want to make sure your laptop meets our minimum system requirements. Sometimes they do not have nice enough graphics cards to give the rendering results people want.

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You are correct... laptop is a 'little slow' with refreshes. It has quad core, altho at only 1.5ghz... it does 'OK' for traveling when desktop isn't available. Then I can use it with WEB and paint projects.. so ALL is not at a loss. Am attempting to change settings to 'dumb-down' things (scenery/weather/etc.) to see if it'll 'fly' better.