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Real Weather does not generate in sim. All appears to download properly, and have checked many settings. Was working OK a few days ago... found thunderstorms (in real world)  and 'put' myself in them in XP. Now all weather remains constant... as in winds/pressure/clouds/temperature.

Am unsure of exact sequence of 'setting up' ... I have installed Squakbox... which I can use to FORCE simulated weather changes... otherwise all remains 'calm/clear'. One thing about this plugin.. it changes Weather setting to 'uniform' when 'connected'. I've removed that plugin.. but no changes in weather at all now. Can force stormy weather.. with startup settings.. tho is not ' real' for location. Time/Date are accurate, no problems there in all cases.  

Further.. I had installed a 'second copy' of XP on my laptop (a second computer) since I attempted/checked 'real weather' availability.

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X-Plane gets its real weather data from NOAA, and they've been changing their links on us pretty regularly. We believe (hope?) we have fixed the issue in 10.50r3 that should be out soon.
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I HATE it when thangs like that happen! Is about what I assumed was going on with it.

Wind.rwx file updates, tho doesn't seem that METAR.rwx does when I tell XP to 'go get weather'. I'm going to poke around internet and see if I can find METAR files to copy/paste them into XP directory.