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it makes a long time i have tried to install R22 Plugin from DreamFoil ( Beta2 )
It does not work, worth it, that makes switch off my XP-10.45 (104503/64bit)
So please can someone help me ?

Also, would like to know how running the XP-10 without DvD.




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Please contact the developer of the plugin directly to have them investigate and potentially file a bug. 

To run X-Plane without the DVD you must have purchased a digital download product key or the USB key.

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Hey ^^

Thank You !
With DreamFoil we took contact yesterday, and then, they upgrade my original version from AeroSoft. (first i had a guy by phone early this year from there.. really not cool). So today i'm abble to make my plugin fonctional.
About the X-Plane 10 simulation, i used to pay the DvD Set version, so i think Laminar Prod. have to let the people play with it as they WANT ! 'cause today, even 'pro' computer don't use (for all) a Combo CD/DvD Drive... this is only my advice.


Now have to learn a lot, especilly beggining how to run with the cold Start !!

Of course, when you get inside a chopper in real life... how to explain :P

Also because little US/UK wrotten, i hope not angry you.



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can someone moderate my last post Please ?
( duplicate, and picture )

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