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I am an Aircraft Design Engineer from a company called Aerovinci and we have bought a license of X-Plane. We are using plane maker for our design.

Query: For creating control surfaces on a wing in Plane Maker, one can choose ailerons, flaps, elevator, etc. However, for example, if I choose ailerons, it creates ailerons on both sides of the wings which deflect together.

We have an autopilot that can send commands to X-Plane to deflect each control surface individually using separate actuators. However I am unable to select such a functionality in plane maker. I want to create control surfaces on a wing that are not linked to each other.

In other words, I just want a control surface that deflects, but is not automatically an aileron or an elevator. We want our autopilot to decide which surfaces to deflect separately.

Can you please let us know if that possible in Plane Maker?

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Abhishek Sharma

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Set "sim/operation/override/override_control_surfaces” to 1

Then set things LIKE  "sim/flightmodel/controls/lail1def”

Another good source for specific help is the aircraft development forum (not run by Laminar Research).

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Awesome! It works now. Thanks @jroberts !