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I am interested in the Van's RV-12, which was written for version 9.  Will it work with version 10?  I am using Yosemite with my Macbook Pro
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Hi all!
I recently ordered too many of FSX Steam edition software packages to sell on my website. I usually sell them at the normal retail price of $22.50 but since I have [I]WAY[/I] too many, I figured I'd discount them like crazy and see how many I can clear out of inventory in a week. Anyway, I just have 7 left in stock and I don't get another shipment for awhile now. If ya'll want to grab one, for yourself or a friend, they're $9.99 each. First come, first serve. :)

Here's the link to the product page: http://www.pilotresourcesandmore.com/store/p36/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X%3A_Steam_Edition_(Boxed_Steam_Code).html"]http://www.pilotresourcesandmore.com/store/p36/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X%3A_Steam_Edition_(Boxed_Steam_Code).html[/URL]

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Aircraft that were designed to run in X-Plane 9 should be compatible with X-Plane 10, but might not have or be able to use some of the newest features in 10. If you have problems, try opening the plane in Plane Maker and re-saving it.
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Open 'Plane Maker' and from the Special menu choose the option to update, this will update any 9.7 planes for use in 10.

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