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My husband just bought X-Plane 9 (because that's the version that runs on his older iMac).  I'm just getting interested in flight simulators myself and so we were wondering:  if I get an OSX machine powerful enough to run X-Plane 9, can I install on my machine from his media kit?  Are we allowed to have one shared copy?  Or could we install from his media kit and then purchase only a license key (USB stick or whatever) rather than have to pay for a whole duplicate set of media?  It seems so wasteful.

This question is not urgent as I can't afford a better computer right now, but maybe in 2016... :-)

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Yes, with the X-Plane DVDs you can have as many installs as you would like, on as many computers as you have in your home.

The new X-Plane 10 Digital Download version uses a tracking system to make sure your information is not pirated, so it is the only one that can sometimes have problems if the product key is used on more than one computer.

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