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10.50 just freezes on this startup screen. I have 10.45 loaded on same machine, with no issues at all. 

Here is my log file. imageDownload file

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Since the last update X Pane freeze at start up and not working properly

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According to your log, X-Plane is not installed to the desktop. This could cause problems with updates. Find out more information here.

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Ok, thanks. This did eventually work. I first tried a new install to the desktop using the disks, and it had the same freeze on start-up. The second time I used the downloaded installer and the cds to install to the desktop and it is now working.

Though, this kinda sucks that it has to be installed on the desktop rather than in a suitable directory. Imagine if every program needed to install to the desktop, what a mess that would be.

But, thank you, at least I'm flying 10.50 finally.
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Yeah, we know that behavior is kind of weird. It's something we're looking at changing for the future.
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Good morning, same thing happens to me... my folder is in the desktop. Erased and downloaded again... again same problem.

Top notch PC.. I

here you have my DUMP File


Please, I cannot make DEMO works, how can I know if full program will work ???