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For those who suffer freezes on startup: downgrading from the latest NVIDIA 372 to 368.69 helped my setup. Somewhere deep buried in some gaming forum someone was talking about 372 and xplane: allegedly the newest driver used almost double vram and suffered other technical issues I don't understand. 

Compared to the linux install it still takes almost the double amount of time to load but at least I can play.

Can someone confirm this? 

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I have an asus gtx 770 with the nvidia 372.90 driver installed. I am having a problem where the frame rate is dropping to 19.90 (always that number) despite changing around the performance settings. It is very irradic in nature, and happens sometimes 5 minutes into the sim while sitting on the runway, and just now happened in the middle of my flight (had low 40s frame rates before the issue). I noticed the problem right after 10.50, but I guess I have updated my driver several times before I used xplane, so wan't sure.Thanks

Update: It seems after playing around with it a bit, and running GPU-Z that the likely culprit is that I am running out of VRAM. It seems that 10.50 is much more resource intensive to run than previous versions of version 10 ?
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GTX970 with latest drivers, 10.51r1 frames dropped from 60ish to 1-2, random, in flight.

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Just to be sure, your computer doesn't have multiple graphicscards does it?

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Hi, does upgrading to NVidia driver version 373.06 resolve this ? It appears that there were frame rate issues with 372

Please see the release notes:


Windows 10 Fixed Issues

 Improved the framerate consistency of the R370 drivers in VR games and applications. [1804037]

 [372.70, GP100] FPS limiter broken in R370 drivers in windowed mode with high FPS. [1814275]

 [372.54] Corruption in Overwatch decals. [1816111]
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I have updated to 373.06 and I have no issues atm.

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