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Hi all, this is odd. X-Plane has been installed on my iMac (running 10.11.6) since March 2016, upgraded to 10.50r3 probably July time I think.  Basically, nothing has changed with the install since, been using it happily, but not used it for a couple of months now.

Tried to start it up: window goes full-screen, with the product key window in central screen - my product key is displayed, so I click "unlock full version" as per usual, and.... nothing.

Well, not quite true, the Mac OS "Activity Monitor" app shows the X-Plane process thrashing away at 60-90% CPU, but it never moves on from this product key screen.

I really don't know what could possibly have changed to cause this - any ideas please?



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Hi Marlon,

Please try deleting your preferences folder (found in the output folder).
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Thank you! That resolved whatever the problem was! :)

Many thanks