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Yesterday I newly installed x-plane 10 and let it update to the new final version 10.50 afterwards.

The download and installation worked well so far but when I tried to start the simulation it seems to stuck on the startup screen. There's no progress in the progress bar for minutes. Then after a couple of minutes windows tells the application don't work no more.

Today I deleted all X-Plane Files and reinstalled it without updating it and it runs fine.

I've got the german DVD Version of X-Plane 10. After installation it tells it's version 10.25.

Its running on a Windows 7 64 bit PC.

My graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 960.

How could this be ? Is there a bug in Update 10.50 ?

Should I better install 10.45 instead ? But how ?

EDIT: OK, I've read about the same question below now. I've had changed the Installation folder from "Desktop" to "C:\program files" when the update version didn't run. I will try to copy the files to the recommended desktop folder now and try to update again.

I will give a short feedback if it works then.

EDIT: It works ! :)

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Sounds like the solution was:

Move the X-Plane install to the desktop.