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Installed first time to the desktop as instruction to do so. Then let it update. Put in disk #1 to start game, however , not responding. Removed all files and reinstalled to a different drive. Got same results. Went on to your site and downloaded the file for windows. Then proceded to reinstall to other drive. Started with disk # 1 but it to was non responsive. None of the previous ? have my problem. As Pilot Shop will not refund my $ I am trying to get to work,however, as I used my PayPal account I will put in a request to them for a refund if you cannot fix this.

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What exactly is happening when you try to start X-Plane? Is it not even showing the program window? Or is it starting and then stops responding?

Please attach a copy of your log.txt (found in the main X-Plane folder).

If you do not have a log.txt file yet, due to the problems, you can attach the installer log.txt (should be on the desktop).
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as per an answer from my forum, I removed the sim and reloaded it again. When it was loaded I inserted disk 1 and did not let it instqall the upgrade as the answer I recieved from that forum. Well that wqas the problem as it started. Now my only problem is programing my joy stick , throttle and rudder pedals. All are Saitek. Any help on this would be great.