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I am working my way through the cessna flight school and get stuck. How to get started? are there videos,etc to teach me? thanks
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Did you consider X-Plane 11/Instructions/X-Plane Manual.html#howtofly ?

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Hi mtraurig

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but may I ask what you are getting 'stuck' with?

As far as videos are concerned, there are hundreds of them on YouTube, just search for X-Plane 11 and you will find all sorts of reviews and instructional videos posted by professional and ordinary simmers alike.

In particular, Q8Pilot is extremely good, as is Aus Flight Simmer and FSElite to name but a few. Try these URL's:-




The best way to learn however, is to load up the Cessna 172 at an airfield of your choice and simply fly, taking special note of airspeed, power, altitude, flaps etc.

Good luck :-)