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The Menu bar is there if you push the mouse up & the menus will respond to left click to open.  Once opened, the sub-menu bar navigation isn't accessible from using the keyboard arrow & if you can blindly stumble & find one of the "clickable" dialogue boxes, the left click on the mouse will actuate.

I've erased the "Preference" file from the Output directory.  

Where did the mouse go?
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Interestingly, while the above idiosyncratic mouse dysfunction apply to the mouse being inside the main menu bar / sub menu region of the software,....when you hit escape from there & go to the flight dynamic the following operational differences apply:

  • the mouse has to visual vestige in this environment.  For example..
    • No knob twisting arrows if you can stumble across the radio frequency set knobs or the DG heading to compass set knob.
    • I unplugged the mouse's USB cord to try to "reset" that paradigm but no joy!

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