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when I turn on the Avionics I experience a 10 to 15 FPS drop.  I have done quite a bit of experimenting to see if other settings affect it or not but its pretty consistent.  I thought maybe it was my X-Plane installation so I reinstalled but that didn't help at all.  I will be at 30-33 FPS with engine running then turn hit the Avionics switch and watch the FPS drop to 15 to 19 FPS. I have done a lot of different combinations from having every setting set to the lowest limits - Low Texture Res, No Cars, Small Window, No clouds, No shadows, No Trees, No Buildings, Airport detail Low, etc..  and its still a drop of 10 to 15 FPS and goes under 20 FPS. My computer specs are - AMD 6300, AMD XFX Radeon R9 290 4GB, ASUS M5A99FX, Corsair 1TB X-Plane Only SSD, 16GB RAM.

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I am not associated with Laminar Research, just a flight simmer like you.

Are you running Windows 10?  If so have a look at several postings about "loss of frame rate" in postings before you lodged yours.  There are several solutions (at least 3) given.  You will need to trawl back through them.

If not Win 10 then I am not able to assist.

By the way have a look at the following YouTube video from Wycliffe Barrett regarding reinstalling X-plane 10  The link is at

Hope this helps.


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Hi Glenn

Yes Im running Windows 10 and thanks for the tips,