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Nice to see XP 11 coming in November. However I saw that XP 11 is free to the people that bought the digital download version of XP 10! I bought XP 10 (DVD's) in February so shouldn't I get XP11 for free as well. It's frustrating that I might pay the full price for a product that digital download users will get free! How will the policy work for current owners of the DVD version of XP10?

Also, this is sort of a dumb question, but are display driver related crashes (Display Driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered) a nvidia related issue or can the XP team solve it. I have XP 10 but getting really frustrated with constant driver crashes! Is XP 11 optimized for this and does it solve this issue?


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Please understand you do NOT need to purchase v10 again.

Just like in the past, there is no "upgrade" from V10 to V11. You can buy the special Combo Package that we are offering now - a Digital License and Serial Number to X-Plane 10 that will also unlock X-Plane 11 (for free) or you can buy V11 outright when it is released. In either case, the price is the same, $60.00. Order either one at

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So, what you say is as soon X-Plane 11 release I can automatically can unlock it with my actual serial number
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Only if you have purchased the combo v10 + v11 package on sale at

Otherwise, when X-Plane 11 is released you can unlock it with an X-Plane 11 serial number. A v10 serial number will only work with v10.
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Rishi, I believe the root of your concern stems from a misunderstanding. Not all digital download holders of X-Plane 10 get X-Plane 11 for free. 

*Only people who have purchased the digital download of X-Plane 10 through starting September 9, 2016 get a free copy of Version 11. Let me stress again, not all digital downloads are eligible for the free V11, only those recent purchasers.