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I have a master computer connected to an auxiliary laptop that has X-Plane 10 loaded on both. How do I get X-Plane to work through the external visual tab in the network connection window so that I can utilize the laptop to bring up different views. I have the 8 disk DVD's so that I don't have a product key number which is needed to open X-Plane outside the demo mode on the laptop. It says to insert the number one disk, then the master computer won't work. Can you send me a product key number so that I can take advantage of this option?

Frederick A. Dominski

[email protected] 

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Hi Frederick,

To run X-Plane out of demo mode on a second computer you will need another way to unlock it. The DVD would need to be used for both at the same time. You could buy a USB key or buy an upgrade to the digital download key in order to use more than one computer. If you are interested in X-Plane 11 you might want to buy the combo V10+V11 package we are currently offering at so that you will get X-Plane 11 when it comes out as well.