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I really miss Xplane 9 chase view mode.. and how it behaved.. Will the new Xplane 11 have a setting option to bring back the Xplane 9 chase view behaviour?

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I have not heard anything about v9 features being a part of X-Plane 11. We do have a chase view mode in X-Plane 10 that will be going forward into v11. Try Shift + 8 to see it. I'm not familiar with differences between it and chase view in v9 though.
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There is a big difference between v9 & v10 chase view mode, and Shift+8 (circle view) does not give you the true sense of chasing the plane, please take the effort look into v9 chase view and you will see different. see if there is anyway to or even a user enabled option to bring it back in v11..I was making the same case when v10 came out and no use..