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I just updated Xplane 9 and haven't used the program in several years. I can't get it to detect either of my joysticks. One of them is an old Microsoft precision pro and the other is a Logitec Wingman Extreme. Both of them are very old but used to work. Do these things eventually become incompatible as newer iterations of Xplane are created? Thank you,


Tim Thomas

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Hi Tim,

the question is, does your operating system recognize these joysticks? Check in your windows control panel (devices), if they are recognized and work.

X-Plane does not care about the type or manufacture of your joystick, it´s just about wether a valid "axis" signal is provided by the operating system.

If all else fails, get X-Plane 10, it´s on sale right now and soooo much better than X-Plane 9.

Good luck, Jan