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I am user of X-plane. Currently I run X-Plane 10:51 on 4 PCs. 3 PCs are designed for outside view and one PC to the instruments. This PC runs on W7. The other PCs running Linux (Mint 17.3). The PC that is designed for the instruments is the "server" within the network. I would like to run this PC under Linux also, but I have problems, in particular the go-flight articles to get them runnning in Linux. (I Go-Flight GF-MCP, 2x GF-166A and 2x the GF-46.). Everthing is running, while the 3 (22 ") monitors a very nice picture. So far everything is fine, but  I have the following problem.
When I see the image on the monitor, it appears that the aircraft on these 3 PCs are not on the ground but hovers above the ground and not a few centimeters, but several meters. This happens on all 3 screens. When I choose a different plane, everything stays approx. 5 seconds on the ground and then it goes up in the air. So I presume the W7 PC emits a signal to the other PCs spoiled the image, but I am not sure. What can I do to solve th is problem? Sorry for my English. It is not my native language.

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Problem solved!
I looked at the options settings. I had set these settings on the "server" as low as possible because this PC had the least performance. One of the checkmark "Runways follow terrain contours" was off. After turning this on again and after restarting X-plane everything was normal again.