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I noticed improvements in b6 on the click spots issue, now there is a new issue:

when you grab one of those drag-dials (hdg or altitude selector) in one screen and you drag it to another screen, the value jumps to the possible max or min value  as soon as the mouse changes monitor.

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I was not able to reproduce this on a 2 monitor setup. I set both monitors to full screen, loaded the default 737 and clicked on the icon to adjust AP altitude. I held the mouse button down and dragged it to the second monitor. The altitude continued to increase like normal, with no large jump.
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my test was done on a three monitor setup with wrapped around configurations (3x60 degrees with +/-60 degrees lateral rotations applied on the two outer monitors) and with the iXEG 737 add-on.

I will try a stock plane and report back.