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I would like to purchase the X-Plane 10/11 combo digital download. Currently I'm running on a 2013 Macbook Pro, but as I'm not sure if X-Plane 11 will run properly on this system I'm considering purchasing a high-specs Windows system specifically for running X-Plane.

My question: if I purchase the digital download, can I download both the Mac as the Windows version?

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Yes, one product key will allow you to download and use either version. The key is good for one household, not just one computer.
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PS: I would like to use two monitors for X-Plane aligned on top of each other. One for instruments and one for "window views".
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If you are okay with spending $259, that is great; I think with the hardware upgrades mentioned, $259 is a pretty good deal. Might I ask the total price or a direct link to this setup (for my own future reference)?

I want to get a few more opinions on this one (I don't handle well under pressure, lol).

I mean, that second computer you mentioned sounds like an absolute beast in the most beautiful respects; I think it would handle AWESOMELY not only with X-Plane, but with other applications as well. If you are in to PC gaming in general (or even making animations and renderings), I think the first laptop you mentioned would do great (really well), but of course, the second laptop could do it even better. It comes down to your pricing preferences and what you intend to do with the computer overall. They both give you a good buffer in terms of variety.
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To be clear: these are not laptops I'm talking about, just regular PCs. Here are the two options:

Note that all prices are listed in Czech Crowns (CZK) and that I was referring to prices excluding VAT.
I don't intent to run any other games or applications on the system, only X-Plane. I'm about to start my PPL training, so I want the sim to render as realistically as possible :)
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Thanks for the links. In the second one, I actually see there is a hike in the CPU hertz *3.6 GHz to 4.0 GHz), on top of an upgrade to the GTX 1080.

In my opinion and experience, $1500 - $1600 USD (around 39 990 CZK) is a great deal for that PC, as is $1200 - $1300 USD (31 990 CZK) for the previously mentioned PC. It is up to you. If you want faster computing power (for $300 USD, 8 000 CZK more), then go for it. X-Plane 11 does not need it, but could certainly benefit, especially with X-Plane 11, which is already on track to be quite the performance hog so far. :-)
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Alright, makes sense. I'll probably go for the more powerful of the two then. Thank you very much for your input here, very much appreciated!