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I was doing a flight from KSFO to KSEA on VATSIM in the x737 and when pushing back for taxi the x plane ATIS voice comes on and keeps repeating. I looked at the transponder and it wasn't on the ATIS frequency and I went into the X plane sounds settings and when i tried to turn down the atc voice sound it turned its self back on.This is getting annoying now so please help.
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I have the same problem. When flying near Dublin using freq. 122.80 when no atc are online I keep getting the repeated ATIS of Baldonan Casement which is a small airfield nearby.

Unfortunately you are supposed to remain on Unicom 122.80 while no atc is available so if anyone has an idea on how to change the ATIS freq away from 122.80 from within xplane itself, please let me know.


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You can turn off verbal ATC in the sound window.

Hearing the ATIS is controlled by what COM frequency you're using. Can you reproduce the issue with any of the default aircraft (hearing ATIS when not tuned to it on COM1)?
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Tuning in to a different COM frequency should get rid of the ATIS message. :-)
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I have the same problem with the Zibo mod. I was flying though, and was barely near the ATIS broadcaster on my route from Houston to Las Vegas (this broadcast was from Albuquerque International). I had my com tuned to 127 MHz and Albuquerque's ATIS was at 118, so I don't know how it even started going off in the first place. I tried everything, I changed the frequency, turned off the com, and restarted the simulation altogether. And worst of all, the ATIS was obviously not updated like the ATC, It would keep on going when paused and also wouldn't turn down when you set it to (when paused).

I know this isn't and answer, but I really want this annoying bug to be fixed, and also, don't go flying over Albuquerque's stupid airport either with Zibo.
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Hi Air,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

My interpretation of your problem is slightly different to the original problem raised in Nov 2017.

I would suggest you start a new question in this forum rather than " tacking" your problem onto the end of another problem as an answer.

By tacking an answer others will see that the original problem has been solved 3 times and your situation has a high risk of not being answered.  I am not in the position to provide an answer or solution.

Good luck.

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I didn't know the transponder recived atis, you must mean radio

just change frequency