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Assuming existing plugins for XP10 are working in the same way with XP11, I would like to request a feature to make X-Plane loading or not loading installed plugins. I imagine a query prompt with checkboxes at startup of X-Plane, in order to enable or disable the loading of 3rd party plugins. The reason for this feature request is, that some plugins do sometimes interfere with other plugins or aircraft. IMHO it would be much more convenient to choose the plugins from startup instead of moving plugin folders around.

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There is already a feature (it may be third party) that allows you to Enable/Disable plugins in X-Plane 10. I will check later for the name when I get the chance.

*EDIT: Yes, in the utility bar on top, under "Plugins", there should be something called "Plugin Admin", then "Enable/Disable"... there, you can enable and disable plugins.
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Meanwhile somebody from the org forum gave me a link to a 3rd party tool which is actually doing more than managing plugins. It's called xOrganizer. Very useful. But it's working only with XP10 under Windows until now. So I'd like to maintain my request for XP11.
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In XP10 you should always switch off unnecessary plugins after start, and no one mechanism to prevent load plugin now. If you want prevent load plugin, you need remove it from folder or archive it :((((


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