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Installed X-Plane 11 Demo for Linux just file on Linux Mint 17.3 64-bit using latest NVidia Driver 375.20

X-Plane 10 Demo working just fine, but X-Plane 11 Demo keep crashing with:

0:00:00.000 E/FMOD: source_code/engine/sound/soun_fmod.cpp(113): FMOD error 51 - Error initializing output device.

0:00:07.900 I/NET: eth0   :
0:00:07.900 E/NET: socket(PF_INET6) returned -1

0:01:54.036 E/SYS: Bad mWinSocket! (PCSBSocketUDP.lin.cpp:186)

Not sure what problem is - sound? (using ALSA instead of PulseAudio) or Disabled IPv6? (But X-Plane 10 Demo for Linux and X-Plane 11 Demo for Windows working fine without IPv6 !!! )

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i don't think they have made V11 compatible with linux yet :(
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On Download page: they have:


Other Platforms: Windows, macOS, & 32-bit Linux installers.

except it does not work. They should say "Only for Ubuntu people, we don't care about anybody else!" - really? IPv6 Required? PulseAudio Required? GTFO! XP10 Foreva!