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In X-Plane 10 we had airspaces in:

X-Plane 10 / resources / GNS430 / airspaces / usa (only usa)

X-Plane 10 / Custom Data / GNS430 / airspaces / (rest of airspaces except usa)

Now in X-Plane 11 we have

X-plane 11 / resources / default data / airspaces / usa (only)

Where we can put the rest of airspaces for showing the GPS


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Where can one get the files for airspaces to be stored in 

<XP11_ROOT_DIR>/Resources/default data/airspaces/

I purchased a Navigraph subscription but the FMS data does just provide

- procedures

- airways

- fixes

- navigation aids

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An explanation of the X-Plane 11 Navdata format and expectations can be found here.

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That's navdata, not airspace data, I don't see anything related to airspaces it in that article.

I have the same problem, if I pust my open air format file into the GNS430 folder, they don'ts show up, but when I put it simply into a custom data/airspaces folder, the sim crashes. Would be nice to have an answer.