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I can't figure out why my instrument, radio, and switch panels are not working with xplane 11. I reinstalled all my drivers for that and still no luck :(
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I am having the same issue, Windows 10..... the test software from Saitek says it is interfacing correctly, however Xplane 11 will not recognize... Xplane 10 works.
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I am experiencing the same problem as well.  Works on X-Plane 10 but not X-Plane 11 for any aircraft.
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Umm. @cowsskategood  and @JohnAshworth Try to watch this :

It somehow worked for my other panels but my radio is still not working.

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Which aircraft is this?
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C172 Sky hawk
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I´m having the same trouble as "patriciaira". My radio and switch panels (Saitek) are not working. How to solve?
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Sorry, I needed to backtrack. Is your issue solved? Does your hardware work on other simulators (as other users have reported)? Thanks.
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@JoeFlyer15  , switch, instrument and trim wheel worked already but the Radio doesnt.
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I made it worked i think when I watched this.

It somehow worked for my other panels but my radio is still not working.

 I forgot how did I solved it actually (but I think I watched that) cause I stopped playing xplane for awhile and I used xplane 10 after xplane11 stressed me out with my radio panel.
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It is possible that the model is not yet compatible with X-Plane 10. Being it works with XP10, I can see that as a probably cause. To tell you the truth, X-Plane 11 is kind of weird with the whole controller setup. For me, I cannot calibrate two buttons and a control axis with my CH Product yoke, but oddly enough the simulator can still recognize the control axis; it just doesn't let me modify it.