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Good morning, 

I am a new X-Plane 11 user, since Flight Sim World is too unstable.  Everything is working well expect for one issue with my Saitek Panels.  I am able to change every variable in the Pro Flight Radio Panel except for the Altimeter .  It has worked fine in FSX Steam, but it is not showing up in XP11.  I have the XSaitekpanels driver from Logitech's site along with the Spad add-on.  What could be the reason for the issue?  I am very impressed with the Simulator, but setting the correct Altimeter is a pretty big deal, as I'd prefer not to crash into a mountain!  I have attached a photo of the panel in question.  Any help anyone can provide is appreciated.


Kevin Davis 

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Hi there,

I'm having exactly same issue, did you manage to find a solution?


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