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My X-Plane 11 installer.exe runs and shows the language selection screen but it freezes and crashes some time after. I've tried for many times including compatibility mode and run as adm but it doesn't work. I have win 7 SP 1 OS. Could you help me guys?!

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Try redownloading the installer here:

Otherwise, make sure it isn't being blocked by the firewall.


If neither of those solve the problem, run the installer once again and wait for it to crash (you'll see why in a second). Then, go into Windows Event Viewer so Windows can communicate with us what happened: 

1.) Go to the Start menu, click Control Panel, then System Maintenance, then Administrative Tools, then double-click on "Event Viewer". 

>  Otherwise, you can go to the Start menu search and type "eventvwr.msc", then press enter, allowing administrative access if prompted. 

2.) Under "Event Viewer (Local)", expand "Windows Logs". There, you can take a look through the "Application" and the "System" sections, where the recent errors/crashes/notices should already be visible. Expand the one relevant to the X-Plane 11 Installer and Copy & Paste what it says. Thanks. 

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I've tried as asked but no success. Bellow are the error log from Application link, in portuguese:

O programa X-Plane 11 Installer.exe versão parou de interagir com o Windows e foi fechado. Para ver se há mais informações disponíveis sobre o problema, verifique o histórico de problemas no painel de controle da Central de Ações.
 ID de Processo: 15a0
 Hora de Início: 01d24a916d88f221
 Hora de Término: 8
 Caminho do Aplicativo: C:\Users\User\Desktop\X-Plane 11 Installer.exe
 Id do Relatório: b1edc56b-b684-11e6-bc39-382c4a8ccc2c

translated in english:

The program X-Plane 11 Installer.ex version stop interacting with Windowsx and was closed. To look if there is any more information available about the issue, verify problems historic on Actions Central control panel .
 Process ID: 15a0
 Beginning time: 01d24a916d88f221
Finishing time: 8
 Application path: C:\Users\User\Desktop\X-Plane 11 Installer.exe
Report id: b1edc56b-b684-11e6-bc39-382c4a8ccc2c


Thank you