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Anytime I try to enter my flight plan into the FMC, it won't let me initialize and shows the <NAV DATA OUT OF DATE> message at the bottom.  Anyone know what to do here?  I'm still new to X-Plane so I'm trying to figure everything out.


Thank you!

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It means that your AIRAC isn't updated. The current cycle is 1612. This can be accessed via Navigraph

But it requires payment

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Thank you for your response!


Where do I install the downloaded data in X-Plane 11?  I only have the standard aircraft which do not have an avionics file.
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How can update by Navigraph? I have Navigraph FMS Data Manager but i do not know how update x-plane 11 by it
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I'm not part of Laminar

Shoot, I believe Navigraph provides FMS data for an add-on aircraft (PMDG for example), not the full sim. You might want to file a bug report so the cycle gets updated in the final release. I'm not sure if you could download that FMS data and copy and paste it to the existing navdata in XP's folder (if it exists, I haven't tried the beta yet). (File a bug report via this link)

Sorry about that

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I do not know where do I paste navigraph data
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i have same issue  have navigraph data maneger    xplane 11   767 pro  works great but fmc out of date have added x plane11 and this plane downloaded update fmc all ok but no fmc out of date tried getting intouch with navigraph but go around in circles
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Like a real FMC, X-Plane 11's FMC will alert you when the nav data installed is out of date; nav data is marked for a specific AIRAC cycle, a 28-day period after which it is replaced.

You can fly with this older nav data - simply press "clear" on the FMC keypad to clear this message.

When you buy a subscription to Navigraph data, you get updated data for the FMS for each new AIRAC cycle.
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I have a navagraph subscription and have downloaded and applied files to the /Custom Data directory in windows.  All the fines are there, but 530 in Cessna 172 still says 'navdtata out of date'. Navagraph has even updated their application to automatically update for X-plane 11. is ../Custom Data the correct directory?