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I just built a new computer and didn't include a disk drive in my new build. I know I can download the majority of the files offline but where is the product key so I can activate the full sim? I bought the sim a good while ago so I dont have a confirmation email but I have all the disks sitting in front of me. What should I do? I was considering downloading the disks to my laptop and then transfering via thumb drive.

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Not an official answer here, but this situation has not been "foreseen" when X-Plane 10 was originally launched years ago.

You might have luck with creating an .iso image of CD 1, creating a virtual drive, and using that to "unlock" X-Plane. Another way is to get a cheap USB-CD Drive.

Probably the best way is to write to customer support, they might have a solution for you. The "product-key" activation is a very recent innovation for X-Plane (after the steam-edition), so your situation is fairly new (although I am in the same boat with my new laptop).

Cheers, Jan
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Yea I'm trying to do that Im downloading everything to a usb drive I have and then gonna transfer it over but if it doesnt detect the windows 10 disk im worried it will constantly tell me "demo mode" Which is really ANNOYING! but thanks i'll write the support team.
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Well, inserting a DVD disc is a little bit annoying. A "product-key" activation would be the best solution.
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I called the company and he gave me the options of purchasing a new game key at a reduced price or buying a portable disk drive. It's a pain but I can't say I'm angry that he wont just give me a key since thats basically another copy of the game free. Just wish they would have considered it as a possibility for their legacy customers. Nowadays especially with Steam gaming and downloads of everything online it would seem only fair to especially consider the older customers advancing into the new age haha.