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When I move the saitek throtle, it moves but then immediately goes to near zero positon, same with the mixture, when I calibrate the saitek yoke all looks perfecr, but it looks like there is another definition that conflicts.

I looked at keyboard shortcuts and see that f1 and f2 should control too, but thats do  not affect the throtle nor mixture too.


t was ok and I am not surewhat I did that cause this...
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The same effect with my Saitec Quadrant and also with Logitechs Extreme 3D Pro. Trying to manage the throttle causes flickering controls and unusable action. All the other controls i.e. Ailerons, Rudder,Pitch and jaw working normal.

Keys are not working too!

Every time an aircraft is loaded it comes with throttle near 50%. Only stoppablle switching off the engines. - please help


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I have a very similar problem. Submitted a bug report. Worked fine in PB1, now in PB2 and does not work.

It is not just a throttle calibration thing as the keys do not work either as in your case. Tried multiple axis on different devices. None of them worked, although those specific axis controls worked ok if I pointed them to a different control (ie move from Throttle to Nosewheel Tiller). Thus the hardware and drivers are working just fine.

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You can try resetting your preferences to default by moving, renaming or deleting the entire Preferences folder, found in the output folder. That may help with the keys issues.

A few joystick fixes are planned for beta 2 so please wait and try your joysticks again then if resetting preferences doesn't work.
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I have a similar problem. Saitek throttle quadrant (attached via 6 pin connector to Saitek Yoke) functions in the joystick screen just fine but doesn't change throttle. Have tried more than one plane (built-in and third party) and can't get it to move the plane's throttle. Keyboard and mouse controls work. It also worked fine for a few flights when I first installed X-Plane 11.00pb1. I installed the XPForce plugin around the same time it stopped working but I don't remember it stopping right away.

Finally, I tried deleting the Preferences folder and got the throttle back. Except now after all the calibration my roll axis doesn't work. It shows up just fine in the joystick screen but no motion on the plane. This is also a non-Saitek joystick (Iris Dynamics) that is missing the axis so probably not related to the device.
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You were right. I re-named the preferences folder, and then re-calibrated everything, and it all works just fine! Thank you!