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I am pushing space on both of my computers, Mac and PC, and was wondering how much disk space X-Plane takes up overall. I would prefer to install X-Plane on my PC which has a separate partition dedicated to the OS. How much of that will get taken up? If I were to install it on my Mac, how much would be taken up there? I plan to install some scenery and many add-on aircraft.

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Hi there spencersv25,

  • regarding your question above, I would suggest taking into consideration which of your PC or Mac has more Hard drive space available, or is your Mac only comprising a SSD whereas you PC may have a smaller SSD and a larger  HDD? all of this has to be taken into consideration.
  • Although I can't answer your question firmly, I can give you a fairly good estimate. on my Steam, X-Plane 10, with no add-ons requires 80 GB of available space, taking quite a chunk of your hard drive allocation space; so with X-Plane 11 I wouldn't be surprised if there's a jump of 5, 10, 15 or even 20 GB to bring it to the low 90's or 100's.

  • With your other point about planning to install scenery and many add-on aircraft, with emphasis on the many, I'd say you should leave a fairly good amount of storage, whereas a Add-On airport can be 3GB, and a Add-On aircraft can come close to that as well; so just plan it out, and really consider how many add-ons you'll use, and then make a rough estimate.


I hope I was able to assist you with your question.




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My X-Plane 10 with my addons takes up 30 GB

My X-Plane 11 ppb 1 currently takes up 13 GB

How much scenery you install of course affects this.