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X-PLANE 11 is not recognizing perfectly my joystick SAITEK X52 PRO FLIGHT.

In my PC I’ve installed two products from SAITEK: X52 PRO FLIGHT and PRO FLIGHT RUDDER PEDALS.

RUDDER PEDALS are recognized very well and offers at X-Plane 11 configuration window the correct image and correct options (3 axes: LEFT TOE, RUDDER and RIGHT TOE), exactly as Windows 10 recognizes it. When I'm configuring Rudder Pedals in X-Plane 11 there is a perfect image of the device at left side of window.

However, when configuration has to be made for X52 PRO system (joystick + throttle), X-PLANE 11 doesn’t recognizes as well as it does with RUDDER PEDALS. First of all, X-Plane 11 joystick configuration window doesn't show an image of X52 PRO FLIGHT system at left side (how is showed when configuring Rudder Pedals), although this is not essential. 

Note that Windows 10 recognizes perfectly X52 PRO FLIGHT system, included three multidirectional buttons, here called POV 1, POV 2 and THROTTLE HAT and all other axes and buttons.

X-Plane 11 recognizes only one multidirectional button (and calls it HAT SWITCH 0) and the options to customize are very unsatisfactory. In X-Plane 10 I’ve used this hat switch to simulate my own vision inside plane cockpit, something as Flight Simulator X does and names it "PAN VIEW". It was hard, but I've configured X-Plane 10 to use that Hat Switch the exactly same way I used with FSX.

Both devices (Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals and Saitek X52 Pro Flight system are working very well, as they worked in X-PLANE 10 (and before, in FSX).

Is there any way you correct this issue, so that I could configure my X52 PRO FLIGHT system? Including to show a picture of the device in configuring window, even if it's not essential? And recognizing the other two hat switches? That HAT SWITCH 0 X-Plane 11 recognizes is POV 1 according Windows 10 configuration and X-Plane 11 reserves 8 positions: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP+RIGHT, UP+LEFT, DOWN+RIGHT and DOWN+LEFT. The other two "hat switches" X-PLANE recognizes as buttons 25, 26, 27 and 28 (this is named THROTTLE HAT according Windows 10), and also have 8 positions, (while X-Plane 11 identifies only 4) and buttons 21, 22, 23 e 24 (this is named POV 2 and as the others two, have 8 positions and X-Plane 11 identifies only 4). 

Rudder Pedals are configuring OK and nothing has to be made.


My only problem is how to have a PAN VIEW directly handling the joystick. Now I'm using keyboard commands, but this forces me to take one of my hands off the joystick - remembering that I have to use right hand in joystick properly named and left hand in throttle control.

If you could suggest me a configuration that gives me a way to pan view, I'd be very grateful. Besides correcting X-Plane 11 recognizing of X52 PRO FLIGHT.

(I apologize for my poor English, please try to do not be offended with inevitable errors...)

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I was wrong about not being able to get   "pan view" on X-Plane 11. My mistake was that I tried to configure the HAT SWITCH 0 before testing the default values suggested. And obviouslly, couldn't do it.

Today I tried to reset to default values (only in Hat Swich 0) and, to my surprise and joy, tested it on a flight and "PAN VIEW" worked exactly as it was before in FSX and X-Plane 10 !!!

In my original post above, please desconsider that sentences marked as "non valid". All other considerations are still valid (like not recognizing correctly POV2 and POV3), but I have to say that my big question - pan viewing - functions perfectly with default settings.

I apologize with developers and have to say that others issues are not so important to me. Congratulations! I'm very impressed with X-Plane 11, even is still in Beta mode. Issues like FPS, color of skies at night and others I'm sure will be solved by developers. Continue with the good work.



closed with the note: My first idea was wrong and the most important issue to me (pan viewing) wasn't working because I tried to configure HAT SWITCH 0 by myself, OVER X-P 11 DEFAULT VALUES! And I realized today that default values do exactly what I wanted when posted. There are other minor issues I've pointed out, but my most important doubt was caused by a misunderstanding on my own responsability.
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I have also been having trouble with xplane 11 x52. did you determine how to programme pov 2( hat switch 2 ) it is not recognized in the default. Also I have trouble with the elevator and rudder trim on ( large and small wheel ) on the throttle stick. In my case i get wither full up or down so that is difficult. I have the lastest xplane 11 beta and every time i start the sim i have to reset the joystick device

Lastly on pov1 - hat switch i used to have "pan" now it just changes direction. My understanding above is that if i use the default it will switch back to pan mode


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Your english is good! Don't forget to file a bug report, because I had the same issue as you, and we need as many as people as possible to file bug reports.
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OK, it's good to know that other people are having the same difficulty. My first idea was to report a bug, but after reading X-Plane 11 Manual, I interpreted as being a tech issue, not a bug. In fact, I'm using X-Plane 11 with  my SAITEK X52 PRO FLIGHT system and everything that was configured is running perfectly well. What I meant is that joystick configuration could be improved to fit better to the equipment in question.

I posted here more as a suggestion for improvement in the recognition of the device (X52 PRO FLIGHT), to be done by the development team. Hope they also read posts in this forum. ;)

If anyone can make sure that is really a question for a 'bug report', I'll do it.