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I was hoping to purchase 11 but I would like to see what the scenery looks like in my neck of the woods.  It says "world scenery included" but I have my doubts.

I am in Winnipeg Canada.  Where can I see examples and screenshots of my region?

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Hi, Winnipeg CYWG is pretty well modelled apparently :

you can also check or update every airport in the world here :

If you are looking for an actual screenshot of the region, I don't normally do this sir, but this would be just for you! :D Just give me a few hours.
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This is the default scenery at CYWG and you can easily and for free improve it with satellite textures thanks to Ortho4XP.

You will find many YouTube videos about it.

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Satellite textures give such a result. Example at LFRC :

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Perfect. Just what i needed.

I'm purchasing it now.