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I have downloaded the xplane 11 beta installer. once I enter the product key the next screen shows finished installing xplane. There was a problem installing xplane 11. Please try the installer again later or contact Laminar Research tech support at [email protected] for help.

(The technical problem was: Permission denied. Perhaps you do not have access to a directory or file system.)


I have tried and tried and nothing works. I am gutted as was so excited to try the new version.

Hope someone can help.



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Hi Michael,

What operating system are you on? You might want to try re-downloading the installer. In addition, please only install X-Plane to the desktop on Windows.
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Hello Michael,

I have the same problem with my Mbp. Did you find a Solution?


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Make sure X-Plane is not installed in the Applications folder on Mac OS. For permissions issues on Macs, I have a debugging installer I can send you to try. Please email me at [email protected] and I'll send it over.