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I am looking a a number of FS programs and I wanted to try this one.Download will not run on my 64 bit machine. I get the same error message! The original question was that it would not work on 32 bit machine but it will not run on mine - help please.
related to an answer for: Unable to install X-Plane 11 Demo
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Since posting and with some clues from the respondents I have got it installed. The secret is not to run the install program as you download but to save it into a "Free" area of a HDD. Then run/unzip from that location to where you want it installed.

I think the instructions on the X-Plane site could reflect this for the average guy/girl.

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The log attached to the original question was an X-Plane 10 installer.

If you want to install the demo of X-Plane 10 (which has a 32 bit version) use the installer here

If you want to install X-Plane 11, the installer is located here. Please use these instructions to install X-Plane with the correct installer.

Please always include a copy of either the installer log.txt (found on the desktop after using the installer) or the log.txt from the main X-Plane folder if you are using the simulator.

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I better check, but in X-Plane 10 there were two versions of the application in the root folder.  One for 32-bit machines and the other for 64-bit machines.  Are you in the correct folder and running the right app.

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