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I recently installed beta 2 for XP 11.  I have all graphic settings maxed out.  I just went to KSFO and took off, heading downtown.  The airport scenery is highly detailed.  But, all other areas only have lots of generic buildings now.  No Discovery Place, no Candle Stick Park, no SF Bay Bridge, just a flat generic bridge.  I am almost certain that I had great scenery in SFO before the upgrade, but I have to admit I still run FSX once in awhile, so may be thinking of that.

I am new to X-Plane, so may have screwed something up, not knowing what I was doing.  System is Intel i7 4770k at 4200 MHz, 32 GB DDR3, GTX 1080, 8 Gb.  Running smoothly at 30 - 40+ FPS.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi Wilson,

We don't have much in the way of scenery landmarks in the default X-Plane installation. You might be able to find detailed scenery like that online somewhere, possibly payware. We are hoping to add landmarks sometime down the line though.
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Thanks for the quick response!

I could have sworn that I had seen detailed scenery, but guess not.  I have used FS since the SubLogic days, bought one of the earlier X-Planes, but could never warm up to it.

XP 11 is a game changer for me.  Excellent, very smooth graphics.  I look forward to making it my standard flight sim.  I just bought my first plane for it, Carenado A36 Bonanza.  Works great, but does not have brakes for some reason.  Will need to figure that one out or wait for a patch.


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We've gotten multiple reports of braking issues, so it's on our list for the next beta update.
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Thanks again for the quick response.

Okay.  I was assuming that the problem was on the Carenado side and that they would have to patch it for XP 11.  I will just continue updating XP as new betas come out.