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I like to use YTDN sometimes and find that there is a bump in the runway.

Easy to see / reproduce, just go to YTDN, and lineup on runway 04.

Little 'ski jump' about 1/4 to 1/3 along the runway.

Can anything be done for that?
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Rather than wait, at least you could add an height parameter in WED for the 2 runway ends and let us choose it. With airports documentation and other Google Earth tools that's easy to setup.

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The first step is to go to your X-Plane menu , then choose SETTINGS and  then Rendering Options, here you unselect the checkbox "runways follow terrain contours". This makes all airports perfectly flat - a two sided sword, since in reality runways are often not perfectly flat, or even quite slopey!

The correct resolution in the long run is to "fix" this airport. It needs to get an "airport boundary". This will be used the next time that Laminar makes new worldwide scenery to "flatten" the airport somewhat (preserving slope and slight undulations).

I see that the Tooradin airport has received an update recently, and is slated to be improved in the upcomig 10.45 update. You can check out X-Planes default airports here:

This will NOT flatten the terrain, though, for that we have to wait until Laminar Research makes new worldwide scenery (happens every few years).

Happy landings, Jan