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The new "improved" GUI for V11 doesn't seem to have the option to turn off hypoxia/g-load blackout effects.  Has it been removed?  If not where is it?

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This option has been removed because having it always on is the accurate, real world behavior.
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Not if your aircraft is a drone and the cockpit isn't actually in it.
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Also the g-load effects don't allow you to simulate a good physical specimen in a g-suit.
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If my pilot puts on his O2 mask in time and there‚Äôs O2 pressure, how can he get hypoxia?  Point is, the option needs to be tied to O2.
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the first answer, that the option has been removed because of real world behaviour, is all very fine! But how can I avoid the effect while descending? Is there any button or adjustment I have to operate in the overhead or wherever?
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This feature has actually returned in the latest beta (PB14). You can now turn off or on hypoxia effects in the Settings > General tab.
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thank you very much!