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I am noticing that I may need to tweak some of my plugin UI's because the font for buttons and captions seems to be slightly wider in X-Plane 11 then in X-Plane 10. Can you confirm that this was an intentional change in which case I will just tweak my UI's to work in both XP10 and XP11. If it unintentional and it will be fixed I will not try to work around it.

Take a look at the attached images. The one with red box around a button is the one from XP11 the other is from XP10.







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The font is the same for plugins (although it changed everywhere else in the UI), but the layout engine has changed. Previously the layout scheme horizontally compressed things a fair bit. It's possible we might go back to the old layout, but the long term fix is to apply the new UI to everything, which would require new code from plugin authors.

So, with that in mind, please hold off on making changes yet because our official statement right now is that it is too soon to know if plugin changes were intentional or are a bug.

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That makes sense, vertically it looks the same but as you say horizontally it looks a bit more spread out. I'll wait until you decide. How will I know what the final decision is?
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It would probably be posted on the Developer blog site I linked to above. If there are additional docs associated, they will also be posted on that site.
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Do you guys have an update on this? With X-Plane 11 released I'd like to know if this layout manager is going to stay and if I could make changes to my UI to accomodate the differences between X-Plane 11 and 10
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I double checked and it looks like it's coming soon, but probably won't be available until after the 11.01 (and possibly 11.02) updates.