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How do I get the LNAV and VNAV to work in the default 737-800 because I fill in every single field in the FMC but most of the buttons on the glareshield dont work anyway or maybe the VNAV + LNAV is just there for nothing?

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Hi, I also didn't get VNAV working. LNAV is working for me. Did you turn on the F/D-Switch, if not the buttons are not working.
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Thanks for the help :) Now I get the LNAV to work but not the VNAV.
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Same here, I got the FP filed, both DEP/ARR runways filed, FD and A/T on, but only LNAV works.

I've used a FP generated by simbrief. Next time I'll fill it directly into the FMS in case that helps. But it's quite disappointing that the VNAV doesn't work.

I've read in another forum that 10.x didn't support VNAV and you had to use something like xFMS. I'm completely new to x-plane (just got the license today), so if that's not true please advice.
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According to this post, the FMS won't have an operational VNAV for climb/cruise, only for geometrical descent. This a design decision so it can be made generic and used on every airplane, not just the 738.

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Does this mean that I would fly to cruise altitude and the FMC will automatically handle the descent? I have not seen the VNAV do anything as of yet.
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@lockdown I haven't used X-Plane in ages so I can't give you a reliable answer. What I remember is that the FMS may plot the TD but you will have to manually initiate/control it.