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Dec 12 (3 days ago)


to me


Your question on X-Plane Q&A has been answered by jroberts:

You didn't specify if this is in X-Plane 11 or 10. Please check to see if you need to authorize your purchase--your email should have a code in it if so.

Since X-Plane 11 is still in beta, we are still working on finding out if add on and plugin behavior is intentionally changed or is a bug, so you may not be able to use this plane in X-Plane 11 for now.

Your question was:

Problem with Mooney M20J and gauges

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Brent Carpin <brentcarpin@gmail.com>

Dec 12 (3 days ago)


to X-Plane

XPlane version is 10 with all patches (10.5??).  Here is my order for the Mooney.  Do not see a "code"


Order number: 387782
Order Date: 12/11/2016

Have not heard back on the issue after verification of XPlane version



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