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How can I best interpret the data outputs from xplane to identify which key element (RAM, CPU, bus, GPU, VRAM) is the rate limiter of my frame rate?

I am using a GTX950 with an AMD 8 core CPU and getting about 25fps, which is fine.  But id like to see if there are cost effective upgrades I could consider and would like to do that strategically.



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The CPU and GPU are very interdependent, so you would probably need to do testing in X-Plane with the rendering settings options to see what would give you the most "bang for your buck" in your opinion. You can use the steps outlined here in the manual for setting your best rendering options.

However, if you'd like to increase the GPU heavy options while maintaining your frame rate, buy a better GPU. Your CPU is almost certainly not limiting you unless you're running a bonkers high number of objects. Since you have a mid-to-low range GPU from the previous generation, a high-mid-range GPU from the current generation (like a GTX 1070) would be a huge improvement.

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Thanks. I have been through the setup multiple times, but the data i have available dont seem to fit what im seeing.  For example, my CPU meters are telling me i am using barely a third of the capacity of the 8 cores, less than all VRAM and less than 50% of my GPU.  yet if i increase any CPU settings rates fall below 25, same with any GPU settings while the utilization stats do not change materially (other than vram).  so i have just about everythign at middle to low ranges just to get to 25fps at the above stats.

Something there doesnt seem to make sense.  nothing is close to being at max capacity yet my fps are barely acceptable.