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There is a video showing the redesign of the FMS (  Atttached is an image that shows the "PERF INIT" screen from the video.  Also attached is what I get when I follow the steps in the video.  The person showing the steps did something that I can't identify because I can't get his screen.

Can you tell me what needs to be clicked to get to that screen?  The FMC in my screen shows "VNAV" instead of "PREF INIT" as the video.

Thanks in advance for any help!

The FMC in the video:


Thanks in advance for any comment.  If you need more information for clarity, let me know.

-- L. James

L. D. James
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The "Performance INIT" page is not active in the Xplane 11 FMC. There would be no way to access it anyways; the FMC in Xplane 11 can only create flight plans. :) Also, the planes in the two pictures are different, that is the MD-82 and the plane you are using is the 737. That is why they are different.