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Hi, I am new to X-plane and new to the controls in a plane. How do you start the FMC for the first time flying? What does it mean when your FMC says APT and how do you use enter and what is flight segment one, two, three and so on?
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If you open Aircraft/Laminar Research/KingAir C90B/X-Plane_C90B_Pilot_Operating_Manual.pdf, you will find a link to X-Plane_Flight_Management_Computer_Manual.docx (which is not there, but doesn't that let you hope? ;-) Also in Aircraft/Laminar Research/Baron B58/X-Plane_Baron_Pilot_Operating_Manual.pdf, you will find a link to file:///C:/Users/Jules/Desktop/SIMULATION/LAMINAR%20RESEARCH/DOCUMENTATION/X-Plane%20Default%20Flight%20Management%20Computer.docx (which obviously isn't here, too). But maybe that Julian can help us ;-)

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I know the button labeling is strange in this plane. Go to the Aircraft folder > Heavy Metal > B747-400 United > Instructions. In that folder is "FMC labels.txt" that explains how the buttons are set up.

You can also search online for tutorials like this one.

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There isnt a folder in the aircraft folder that says heavy metal
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You can also download a plugin called X-FMC (a pop-up FMC) There are tutorials online if you need help

The default AIRAC data is 1405 and the current cycle is 1610