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All of sudden, regardless of aircraft, clicking some items on left side of cockpit panel will not work unless you center the area on the screen.

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I've never encountered this before. Please make sure you don't have any add ons that could be interfering, such as plugins. If you remove all add ons and still see the issue, please provide more detailed steps for me to try to reproduce this.
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Hi jroberts. It appears I may have found the culprit to be FSCloud. It was the last add on I installed before I started to see this problem. I moved the file of FSCloud that gets installed in the Plugins folder and restarted X-plane.  There was no more dead spot on the left side of the screen. Weird. Anyway, thanks so much for your assistance. I don't know whether I will be able to use FSCloud or not but I will try it again to see if it works after reinstalling it. Do you want any feedback from me going further?
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You might let the developer of FSCloud know what you encountered in case they need to investigate it. We can work directly with developers to investigate if changes in plugins are bugs or expected with the new X-Plane 11 formats.