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I operate a Mac Pro (purchased 5/2009) with hardware sufficient for X-Plane 9. I currently run 10.6.8; however, for security reasons, I must upgrade to at least Mountain Lion (10.8) or Mavericks (10.9). I essentially want to know what maximum OS X would operate efficiently with X-Plane 9. What recommendation or experience might someone have! Would Yosemite be OK? Thanks!

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On our store page, we have a note under the option for X-Plane 9 that is is NOT compatible with OS 10.10 Yosemite. Therefore, I would believe it would not be compatible with El Capitan either, since it is newer. It sounds like Mavericks would be the latest OS it would work with. I am downloading the demo to my laptop running Mavericks and will let you know definitely.
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I downloaded the X-Plane 9 demo, started it and flew for a little bit successfully, so I think it will work on Mavericks.
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Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.