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Hello world, X-Plane 11 makes me really happy most of the time. But this is kind of frustrating. I started to build a 3 display full hd setup (-90, 0 and 90 degrees setup) on a i7 9700K @ 4,9 GHz, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1070, SSD. I'm going low to 28 fps - coming from way more than 80 fps single screen - on a small airport and the graphics settings in a rather low range. My CPU is doing its work just on the first two cores at about 100%, the rest is almost ideling around. The GPU just shows 60% workload. The few add ons I use don't show major differences when deactivated. I understand that VR is a big topic these days. I also understand that LR tries to get the best out of its product with a fairly small team - that what's really cool about you guys! But since there are obviously quiet a lot of people out there who like to set up a second, third or more displays I'd like to ask on behalf of those people if this issue is something we can see an improvement to in the future. Vulkan is often refered to when speaking of performance but will this help here, too? Or is Vulkan just a major step to get more out of AMD hardware? Some sources relating to Vulkan and X-Plane seem to contradict themself a bit. I appreciate your feedback. It would be cool to see some kind of improvement when it comes to fps on more than two displays in the future :). Kind regards!

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Same here!  Let's hope there will be something in the new version (Vulkan) for multiple monitor displays.