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Hey folks, searched around and didn't see this asked anywhere else. I'm having a strange issue with XP11. In the 3D cockpits, as I look around clicking switches and buttons, other, far-away switches seem to also activate. I've noticed the issue in stock and third-party planes, and in all betas of XP11 so far.

For example, I'll click the switch for the taxi light, and some other switch will activate at the other side of the cockpit. It's not always something right next to the thing I'm trying to click, so I don't think it's overlapping click-zones.

Has anyone else noticed behavior like this, and if so, does anyone know of a solution? It makes things really unpredictable and hard to manage.

Let me know if my description doesn't make sense; I'll try to make a gif or something.

Edit: I'm currently using XP11pb3, but have noticed this in all betas so far.

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Your description makes sense, but a specific example would be more helpful. Please make sure you try a default aircraft and that you don't have any plugins that could affect it.