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Following is an error message notification I'm getting in Render Settings in XP10. It suggests I'm using a generic card driver.

My goal: Smooth motion in my Oculus Rift with X-Plane.  Right now, I'm getting close with FlyInside.  I'm also using Leap Motion's sensor in hopes to interact with the cockpit, but that's another question.

Right now, I'm not happy with the smoothness of the graphics in the Rift.  Outside of the Rift, with 2D, I can use the max preset settings and experience smooth quality graphics.  If I use the minimum preset with the Rift, the motion becomes smooth, so you can tell it's a processing speed issue.

I'm hoping addressing the rendering error will help the rest.

To that end, here's what I know about my system:

  • i7 60-bit, 16 GB RAM
  • New nVidia / MSI GeForce GTX 1070 with 100% current drivers
  • SSD hard drive

Sub-Question 1: Where can I tell which graphics drivers XP is using, or not?

Sub-Question 2: Shouldn't the 1070 card be handling the graphic rendering demands with ease?  (Note: You can see in the notification that XP recognizes which card I have.  It does not confirm that it is being used to its fullest.)

I think I should be getting better performance and am trying to figure out why I'm not.  Any help would be most appreciated.

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If you have installed the latest driver over the older driver for your video card and OS, for Windows you might have to completely remove your driver before installing the latest.

I think the GTX 1070 is a recommended card for X-Plane 11 if it has 4Gb VRAM or more.
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Yes.  Drivers are 100% up-to-date.  Thanks for the thought.
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Better uninstall using the tool "Display Driver Uninstaller".

Google it.